• What does ACO stand for?

    ACO is an acronym for the Ahlmann Company for the Ahlmann Family; the family that started ACO and still owns it today

  • How many people does ACO employ?

    Approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

  • When did ACO start?

    In 1946, Josef-Severin Ahlmann (1924-2006) set up his new company, ACO, on the site of the Carlshütte Foundry in Budelsdorf, near Rendsburg in Northern Germany. The initial products were concrete and polymer concrete drainage channels were added in the late 1960s.

  • When did ACO become international?

    In 1972, ACO set up a company in Switzerland, followed by France in 1976 and the United States of America in 1978. Since then, the ACO Group has expanded globally and today has companies worldwide.

  • Why is surface drainage important?

    It is understood that standing water in and around facilities can cause severe structural damage. Potential problems include cracked foundations due to static water pressure buildup on the wall, settling, degradation of adjoining building materials, and freeze–thaw issues. Similarly, ponding (i.e. water collection) and hydroplaning on roads, highways, and bridges are possible safety hazards that can be avoided.


    Effectively handling and transporting away rainfall during and after storms is a prime component in facility and road construction planning.

  • What are the different types of surface drainage?

    Surface drainage can be accomplished using three different systems—catch basins, open swales, or grated trench drains. Cost comparisons have shown modular trench drains to have lower total installed costs when labor, excavation, pipework, grading etc., are taken into account.

  • What is polymer concrete?

    Polymer concrete is a durable material which is resistant to road salts and common chemicals. It is made from polyester resin reinforced with mineral aggregates and fillers.

  • What is fiberglass?

    Fiberglass is a lightweight material made from polyester resin binder, reinforced by glass matting and fibers.

  • What is ACO’s mission?

    ACO creates products for water management solutions.


    Global climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events such as droughts and heavy rainfall. We develop innovative product and system solutions to weather these events.

  • Where is ACO USA located?

    ACO USA is headquartered in Casa Grande, AZ and has manufacturing facilities in Mentor, OH and Casa Grande, AZ and has a sales and distribution center in Fort Mill, SC

  • Does ACO only make trench drain products?

    ACO designs and produces a variety of products:


    • ACO Drain –Commercial trench drains. ACO Drain is the world leader and pioneer of the modular trench drainage. ACO commercial trench drains are used in a variety of applications from plazas to airports.

    • ACO Sport – Sport field and stadium drainage, sandpit and curb systems, used at Olympic venues since 1972.

    • ACO Infrastructure – A range of surface drainage products engineered uniquely for highways, urban roads, bridges, docks and airports.

    • Aquaduct – Custom drainage solutions engineered to specific project requirements.

    • ACO Environment – Liquid and solid separators and spill containment systems manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials.

    • ACO Wildlife – Products which assist in saving wildlife from being killed on our roads.

    • ACO Utility Duct – Surface ducting systems designed to protect cables and pipes against external influences.

    • ACO Self – Residential trench drain products designed for the landscape, builder and DIY enthusiast.

    • QuARTz ACO ShowerDrain -- Linear shower drain channels which allow the bathroom floor to take on a new dimension and become an integral part of the design.