ACO's Leadership is formed by highly skilled individuals working together to achieve common goals that creates growth and innovative opportunities for the water management business, for its employees, customers and the community.

Kroy McLean
ACO, Inc. President


Kroy oversees ACO's US business and has been working in the security, surveillance and technology industry. His previous experience has been with designers, modellers, and installers within electronic safety solutions.


Kroy is married with 3 children and will be located at the Casa Grande, Arizona location.

Kevin Taylor

CFO of ACO, Inc.

Kevin has been with ACO for 25 years providing effective financial administration along with responsibilities for tax, legal, banking and risk management.

In a career that has spanned nearly forty years, he has had experience in retail, the service industry, banking, as well as manufacturing, where he has spent the last 35 years. Before joining ACO, he was a budget manager at Engelhard Industries for their Harshaw Chemical subsidiary. He graduated from Cleveland State University and is a Certified Management Accountant.


Kevin has been married for over thirty years and is the proud father of three college graduates. He is an avid hiker who recently walked the original Incan trail in Peru.

Brian Parent

Director of Operations

Brian has a Business Degree from Cleveland State University. He started with ACO in 1998 as a Distribution Supervisor after working in the Freight Industry for 3 years. He became the Director of Operations in 2005 and supervised the ACO Casa Grande facility construction in 2007 and expansion in 2011. Brian is passionate about Operations, as it allows him to interact with people throughout the day. He believes in leading the charge, but allowing people to run their own departments. "Empowering people leads to engagement and progress in the company."


Brian follows all Cleveland Sports and plays softball once a week. His love for sports has started to extend to soccer since his two boys play it weekly. Brian's competitive nature expands into business as he sees company success as winning.

Luigi Gigli

Director of Production

Luigi joined ACO in the US in April 2015. He held the position of Operations Director for ACO Passavant S.p.A.,Bagnolo in Piano, Italy since 2005.
He is a graduate of Polytechnic of Milan, with a degree in Engineering with a focus on Industrial Technologies and Production Systems.



Left to right: Cheryl Barta, Brian Parent, Kroy McLean, Kevin Taylor, Luigi Gigli