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Drainage and water management solutions are crucial to the infrastructure of Airports. ACO provides products and solutions in areas with different water management requirements. From heavy duty loads to decorative pedestrian areas, long outdoor drainage runs, FOD compliant, to hygienic stainless steel building drainage, ACO can help from planning and specification, to installation guidance.

Some of the areas in airports that can utilize ACO products:

- Hangers
- Taxiways
- Departure and baggage areas
- Parking
- Deicing facilities
- Restrooms


When designing new or renovating commercial projects, ACO can support architects and engineers on the best available solutions for that project. These projects can vary from pedestrian areas with ADA requirements to heavy load traffic areas. ACO can help from the initial design to the specification and installation phases in all of the following commercial applications:

- Retail stores
- Shopping malls
- Office buildings
- Parking lots
- Warehouses
- Storage facilities


Industrial applications require the most robust and reliable products that can handle heavy duty traffic loads. ACO provides design solutions and tools to assist engineers when specifying the following types of applications:

- Heavy duty with chemical resistance drainage and oil-water separators
- Medium to heavy duty drainage with lockable grates
- Oil-water separator for wash down stations
- Plant bunding
- Petro-Chemical industry applications
- Drainage system with leak check points
- Underground water containment for "near net zero" adaptation

Food and Beverage

ACO understands the critical role that drainage plays in a successful commercial food preparation business. Food safety, hygiene and cost control are all vital factors and for many, drainage is out of sight, out of mind. ACO offers the following specially-engineered stainless steel products with continual rolled edges to avoid creating areas where bacteria can grow:

- stainless steel floor drains (gully)
- stainless steel pipe
- stainless steel trench drains
- stainless steel custom drains


Hotels and resorts can benefit from functional and elegant drain products with a large variety of grates for pedestrian areas, threshold, balcony, roof, pool and shower drains in guest rooms. ACO has the drainage products to match the hotel brand and/or design in all of the following areas:

- lobbies
- spas and showers
- pool areas
- kitchen and food preparation
- laundry and maintenance areas
- parking garage

Sports Facilities

ACO is the market leader in world class sport facilities including F1, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and worldwide Olympic venues. The sport drainage system allows events to continue even during inclement weather providing a safe arena for athletes and spectators. ACO offers a full product line solution for track and field, as well as the surrounding public areas:

- track drainage
- stadium entrances
- bleachers
- parking lots
- atrium


Home owners can integrate different ACO products, from ACO Shower Drain and easy to install landscape drainage systems, including:

- Stainless shower trench drain
- Stainless steel point drain
- discreet plastic trench drain
- plastic garage trench drain
- entrance cleaning mat


ACO provides product solutions to help with government project requirements and regulations. ACO offers solutions that are ADA and 'Made in America' compliant. The ACO technical team supplies all required documents for Government specified jobs such as:

- Police and Fire Stations
- Maintenance facilities
- Public buildings
- Roads


The success of transportation projects rely on quality product solutions and exceptional service that ensures many variables such as load ratings, traffic and speed are taken into consideration. Roads and transportation hubs require solutions engineered for their specific needs. ACO products can be found on these applications:

- Roads
- Bridges
- Bus Terminals
- Rest areas
- Train Stations
- Road Wildlife Protection


Educational facilities, from daycare, K12 to university campuses, require reliable water management solutions. In addition to drainage for its buildings, pools, sports facilities, kitchen and food preparation areas, restrooms, parking structures and other common areas, ACO offers underground storm water management systems that offer detention and infiltration solutions that comply with BMP’s and LID’s. Some of products ACO offers for education:

- stainless steel hygienic drains and pipes
- heavy duty drains for parking areas
- "invisible" trench drains for fountains
- bathroom drainage
- oil/water separators for kitchens
- underground water retention products


Through ACO's hygiene first principles and extensive product line, architects, designers and engineers can rely on ACO's technical support knowledge and experience for the following health-care applications:

- Hospitals
- Medical Facilities
- Doctors and Dentist Offices
- Laboratories

Sea Ports

ACO has decades of global seaport experience designing and supplying sustainable, reliable and eco-friendly drainage solutions in the harshest of conditions. ACO products can be found on these applications:

- Docks
- Shipyards
- Inter Modal facilities
- Ports