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Trench hydraulics

ACO calculates the channel size based on the volume of liquid being drained while accounting for other factors such as the catchment area, plumbing restrictions and rainfall intensity. To receive the result of this calculation please fill out the Drain Technical Form or contact us.

Grate Performance Hydraulics

ACO's Grating Intake Calculator (GIC) provides information on the intake efficiency of any ACO grate. ACO independently measured, by experimentation, the hydraulic intake capabilities of all ACO grates. In case the required liquid intake is greater than the grate's performance, the bypass extend will be calculated. To request this service please email

Run Layout Design

ACO is equipped with its own advanced software and qualified engineers to support its stormwater management products. The ACO technical services team offers full trench drain system layout and parts scheduling free of charge.
Please fill out the Drain Technical Form or contact us for help with underground storage design.

Ponding Analysis

ACO provides ponding analysis for situations when temporary ponding may be tolerated allowing an intentionally undersized trench drain system. It allows a more economical, still efficient system that will work under most weather conditions. Ponding analysis should only be considered where buildings and property are not at risk of damage. It can be an ideal alternative for distribution yards and other applications.
To request this service please email

Online Training

ACO offers online training for all of its product lines, as well as courses on universal standards for drainage, loading, water retention and, many more.
For more information please email

Continuing Education

ACO offers Continuing Education training (AIA) throughout the country and provides certificates. To request a class or get more info please email and to read our news about classes please visit our News Page.